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Senior Adult Elder Care

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Establishing Caregiver Relationships - In-home Senior Care

Friday, September 26, 2014

The caregiver-patient relationship for in-home senior care is often found to be rich and fulfilling. In fact, a positive relationship between your loved one and their caregiver can have an impact on your loved one’s overall well-being.

For this to occur, assigning an in-home senior caregiver must be based on more than who has the skills to address your loved one’s physical needs. The best relationships emerge when caregivers are thoughtfully matched to clients based not only on the services needed but also the client’s interests and personality. This is why Angels of the Valley methodically matches each caregiver to each patient.

Angels of the Valley’s looks not only at your loved one’s physical needs, but also at their interests and personality. Caregivers are also assessed on these factors in addition to their skill sets. When matching your loved one to a caregiver, Angels of the Valley looks for the best possible match across all of these factors. By looking at the whole picture, Angels of the Valley is able to consistently match in-home senior caregivers to the patient.


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